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Learn more about the art of make-up

Learn more about the art of make-up

   Some consider cosmetics to be "hide" - an approach to fake distinction and deceiving the outside world to feel more attractive than you already are. 

I can never help to contradict this perspective. In fact, cosmetics can be emotional and over the top, You can take it further and make yourself really like an alternative person, In any case, it can be so modest and fragile and approach to improve your common magnanimity Approach to complete and draw out the best characteristic of the face. The size of what can be achieved through the application of cosmetics, the degree of making distinctive appearances and the way you can communicate with what it looks like to me, why should be seen as a work of art. 

     The face of the United Nations resembles a clear canvas. As if you are drawing a picture, you are setting up the surface you will pick up - your skin. 

At this stage, like making some other character, you can play using shading and strategies, You can organize your cosmetics with your hair and clothes.

 Because the mediator we deal with is our own face, it does not mean that we can not make something beautiful and beautiful. I think we are beginning to see a change in how cosmetics are viewed as a work of art. For a long time, elegance has been seen as a craft skill and we are currently watching cosmetics on models at design, indicating that they are given almost as much attention as the dresses themselves. As the maker of "Masked Artwork", the craftsman uses shading, shadow, and light cosmetics. Any individual who has tried to shape it and its features will tell you, it is just a simple willingness to get to what is right!

     The vast number of characters we find in films - Voldemort, The Joker, Mystique ... looks like each of the consequences of artisans in cosmetics, So for what reason few people judge women who wear cosmetics?

 For what reason will they say they are seen as chasers (especially men) or shallow while hiding their faces with cosmetics? I'm OK with or without cosmetics.

 Some days I wear it almost or not at all, and after those different days, I will travel heavily and I will wear a full face of makeup. It depends only on the time I own, what I wear, where I go, or how I feel. That does not mean I'm shallow, it's just ways I can fool the way I look and appreciate it from time to time. So whenever someone shows you that you're wearing a lot of cosmetics, tell them - it's not cosmetics, it's a craft.

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